Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nano Clothing?

Nano is an apparel company that uses hydrophobic nanotechnology to keep your shirt dry from daily spills. Rediscover the new standard for your daily clothing essentials.

How does the hydrophobic t-shirt work?

Water molecules simply bead and slide off your shirt from spills. This keeps you dry without having to worry about that water stain you got from your lunch break.

Water-resistant vs waterproof

The t-shirt is not 100% waterproof but water-resistant to small occasional spills. The t-shirt needs to be washable to keep it clean from dirt and other microbes.

We always get this question: How do I wash it?

Just like any other shirt, soak it under water and it will simply absorb the liquid. The rest of the washing details are located on the back tag of the shirt.

How do I retain the hydrophobic property of the t-shirt?
  • Machine wash only
  • Rinse the shirt well to remove the excess layers of detergent
How many washes before the hydrophobic property fades away?

Unfortunately, nothing awesome stays forever. Our tests show that it will start to fade after 15-20 washes, depends if you strictly follow the care label.

What will happen after the hydrophobic property fades away?

It will stay as an ordinary shirt that you can use for any occasion. Perfect for daily wear.

Payment and shipping concerns?

We accept PayPal or Bank deposit for payment. We use XEND for local deliveries only.

Please send us an email for international shipping or  meet-ups.